Review: Star Witch by Helen Harper

Review: Star Witch by Helen Harper
Star Witch
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Released: July 10th 2017
Genre: Urban Fantasy

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” I love a book that can pack action, romance and humour all in one and this series has all that and more.”
~ Under the Covers

If there’s one thing that Ivy Wilde, underachieving witch extraordinaire, loves more than lazing on the sofa with snacks and her demanding familiar Brutus. It’s lounging on the sofa with snacks and watching Enchantment. A mixture between reality TV and game show Ivy can proudly boast that she’s never missed an episode. So, when the Order of Magical Enlightenment want her to join the crew of the show for their new series Ivy can’t believe her luck. The only draw back?  There’s been a brutal murder of one of the contestants… and she has to be a runner and drag herself out of bed at 6am.

I absolutely adored the first book in this series which introduces Ivy Wilde our sassy and hilarious heroine. Ivy is perfectly content with her life as a taxi driver and despite her extremely powerful abilities as a witch, has no ambitions to climb the ladder. However, after helping out the witches college with a theft-turned-murder case they have come to her for help when a contestant is killed on a very popular TV programme Enchantment and they suspect magic may be involved. I loved the premise of this book, there is so many reality TV shows around and Helen Harper puts a magical (and murderous) twist on them in Star Witch. 

The mystery in this book was a lot of fun the mixture of Ivy’s fun personality and the craziness of “TV people” made for a really entertaining read. I actually think the story in this one was better than Slouch Witch as it didn’t have to concentrate so much on world building, leaving more time for a juicy murder. Star Witch also has a little more romance. When we finished Slouch Witch it was on a bit of a cliffhanger in regard to Ivy and Winter’s relationship. In this book there are definite developments which kept the romance junkie in me very happy.

This is becoming one of my favourite series, I love a book that can pack action, romance and humour all in one and this series has all that and more. It’s a book you can read and have fun with, with a heroine that we can all identify with. Bring on the next book!spacer

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