“I think THE GATHERING would be perfect for fans of the Experiment in Terror series.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ll admit I decided to read this on a whim.  One, because I wanted to read some spooky reads and just look at that cover! It set the right tone for what I was looking for.  And two, I’ve wanted to try this author for some time and figured why not try something out of the box and not contemporary romance.

I think THE GATHERING would be perfect for fans of the Experiment in Terror series and maybe a cross with the TV show Midnight, Texas.  It has a little new adult feel although our main character is actually not a teenager.  For some reason in my mind I never saw her as her real age.  But it is certainly spooky and entertaining, be sure to read with the light on.

Something evil is coming for New Orleans.  Strange murders have been happening for years but something is definitely amping up the stakes this year. But it all revolves around supernatural beings being drawn to New Orleans because of it and Ivy is the key to stopping it.

Don’t worry, there’s a romance here.  And I was actually surprised because for a big part of this book I thought it would just read more like a horror story.  The romance element has mythology woven into it and I thought it was sweet and well done.  And by sweet I don’t mean not sexy because there’s quite a bit of that as well.

All in all, this is a perfect read for this time of year.  Something that will make you squirm a little and look behind your shoulder.  I’m glad I gave it a shot.


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  1. Great review Francesca!! I love this cover and it sounds like a great read!! In my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!??