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Review: Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
Sin Undone
Book Info

Released: September 1, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Demonica #5
Pages: 400

Conall: n. Hot as hell, Viking sexiness, half vampire half shifter. He has the best of all worlds wrapped up in one. (And us wrapped around his finger!)
Sinead: n. Total bad ass chick. Sex demon, full time assassin, and the cause of the Apocalypse!

This is the final instalment in the Demonica series and it follows Sin, the only female and Seminus demon and Conall a dhampir (half vampire and half warg) who works in UGH as a paramedic. In the previous book Sin had unknowingly caused a highly contagious disease, Sin Fever, that is killing more and more wargs across the globe, in this she is on the run from various factions trying to kill her with just the protection of Conall and her newly found brothers Eidolon (*Suzanne sighs*) Shade, Wraith and Lore (*Annie sighs*). But Con is slowly getting through the barriers to Sin’s heart even though he knows it will end in tragedy because of a fatal flaw in his race.

Con is torn between having to fulfil a role in the dhampir council and is assigned the role of guinea pig to find a cure for Sin Fever. His body might be creating certain defenses by drinking her blood. But how much more of it can he have before he becomes addicted? And being in close proximity with Sin might be bad for his health. He had a taste of her, body and blood, and now that’s all he can think of! All he wants. And isn’t it just so convenient that while they are alone together, and he has to protect her, even from her own assassins, he also has to satisfy her demon urges.

It took me a while to get into this one, but after the first 100 pages I started to really get into it. Although I found Sin a bit annoying in the previous books, she really grew on me in this one as you get to know her and see her begin to trust her (hot) demon brothers and Con. Con was okay, he didn’t capture me the same way that other heroes has, I think Sin was the more memorable and most well drawn character out of the two. I think I may be in the minority in that opinion, but for me he was a bit forgettable!

I liked that the plot at the end of this one was quite open ended, in regards of another series especially as it looks like it will involve the four horsemen, which I find very interesting. And although it left it open ended in that regard all the issues with the different characters and couples were resolved, we even saw a HEA for Luc the surly paramedic that works at the UG, which I thought was a nice secondary romance.

Sin and Con will rock your world! They will have you excited, mad, panting, moaning and crying! This was such an emotional ride, and I never wanted it to end! Con is such a great character. He has that sexy predatory thing going on with Sin, but it’s not there in the beginning. In fact, at the start of the book, they practically despise each other. Their continual banter is also very amusing to watch. In addition to their jabbing, they also help each other to face their demons within themselves. They open each other up in a way that exposes everything about them, and yet they can still love each other after that.

We have enjoyed the world that Larissa Ione has created it is full of demons, humans, angels and everything in between.

Favourite Quote
“Kiss me again without my permission,” she whispered against his lips, “and I’ll gouge you and sell your balls to a Ruthenian specialty meat shop. Understood?”
“You won’t do that.” He whispered back. “You’d miss them too much.”
“Men are always overestimating the worth of their genitals.”

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  1. Sin was awsome,,,I loved her,,and Con,,I thought this was the best ending to a great new beginning,,Yall will love Eternal Rider,,

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