Got a thing for demons? Well, we are here to deliver! Under The Covers is so excited to bring you the Demonica series.  This sexy series by Larissa Ione has it all! Hot demons, moody wargs, sexy vampires and angels! And let me tell you, Ione writes some of the hottest sex scenes out there. If you’ve read it, then enjoy the eye candy, and if you haven’t…. rush to the book store!

Eidolon & Tayla

Name: Eidolon
Race: Seminus Demon (sex demon, like an incubus)- Mother was a Judicia demon
Mate: Suzanne from UTC, who was renamed in the book as Tayla!
Book: Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1)
Appearance: Eidolon is both sexy and smart! Tall, dark and handsome, with short strokeable black hair and dark coffee brown eyes that become golden when he is excited and red when pissed!
Family: Shade, Wraith, Lore and Sin are his siblings of which he is the eldest.
Profession: Being hot, err I mean Doctor
Quote: “You’re at Underground General Hospital. As you can probably guess, we specialize in nonhuman medical care. Our location is secret, so don’t ask.”
“UGH? Your hospital is called ‘ugh?’ Oh, that’s precious.”

Name: Tayla Mancuso
Race: Half human/half Soulshredder demon
Mate: Eidolon
Book: Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1)
Appearance: Hair colour of red wine, green gold eyes, creamy freckled skin with the body of a fighter; lean and muscled. Likes to wear red leather, much to Eidolon’s delight
Family: Gemella, they share the same father.
Favourite food: Oranges
Sex: Has given up on the whole idea, she is unable to orgasm, no matter how skilled her lover…
Profession: Aegis Slayer/Guardian, whose job it is to kick the ass of anything that goes bump in the night, like a modern day Buffy!
Quote: “The pretty nurse had just injected her with something that totally rocked, and if she wanted to think about boinking a bronzed, tattooed, impossibly handsome doctor who was so far out of her league she need a telescope to see him, then screw it. Screw him. Over and over.”

Shade & Runa

Name: Shade
Race: Seminus Demon- Mother was an Umber demon
Mate: Runa
Book: Desire Unchained (Demonica #2)
Appearance: Black shoulder length hair and ebony eyes, rugged masculine features.
Profession: Paramedic at Underground General Hospital
Family: Has one remaining half sister called Skulk and his other siblings are Eidolon, Wraith, Lore and Sin
Hobbies: He likes to spank the pain outta you!
Curses: Doomed never to love unless he wants to spend eternity damned…which he doesn’t!
If he had a slogan… Healing women, one spank at a time!

Name: Runa Wagner
Race: Used to be human, but after an unfortunate incident…not so much anymore
Mate: Shade
Book: Desire Unchained (Demonica #2)
Appearance: Long caramel coloured hair, pale champagne coloured eyes and golden skin.
Family: Has a brother called Arik who works for the government.
Profession: I would tell you…but then I would have to kill you!
Quote: He stepped in front of Runa. “Coffee” The word rolled off his tongue as if he’d said “I’d like to give you an orgasm” “Yes” she whispered because he could give her…oh, right coffee.

Wraith & Serena

Name: Wraith
Race: Seminus demon- His mother was a vampire
Mate: Serena
Book: Passion Unleashed (Demonica #3)
Appearance: About 6 ½ feet tall, long(bottle) blonde hair, and blue eyes, his original eyes which are the same colour as his brothers were replaced
Mummy Issues: His mother had him caged and tortured, when his brothers found him he had been so badly tortured they had to replace his eyes.
Profession: Finding rare and useful objects for the hospital.
Special Abilities: Can get inside your head and show you your wildest sexual fantasies
Quote: “I’m outta here. Locked, cocked and ready to rock.”

Name: Serena
Race: Human…for now!
Mate: Wraith
Book: Passion Unleashed (Demonica #3)
Appearance: Lithe body, 5’5” wavy blonde hair, brown and gold eyes
Hyman Status: VIRGIN, something she really hates it, being charmed does have a downside!
Charms: Has a bracelet that makes her invulnerable as long as she wears it, the only way it can be removed is through sex or her giving it up willingly. But due to a childhood disease as soon as she takes it off she will die.
Secret Fetish: Extra pointy canines! She digs the vampire!

Lore & Idess

Name: Loren aka Lore
Race: Seminus demon, although his mother was human, making him a half breed.
Mate: Idess
Book: Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica #4)
Appearance: 6 ft 6, big and muscular, dark eyes and black short hair
Profession: Assassin, sold himself to slavery to save his twin sister Sin
Family: His twin sister is Sin, and his half brothers are Eidolon, Shade and Wraith (they share the same father)
Special Abilities: Can kill with his right arm, no one can touch his right arm without dying.
Butt clenching Quote: “Help me? You know what would help me? Stripping you naked so I can dive between your legs and lick you until you scream.”

Name: Idess
Race: Guardian Angel (Memitim)
Her Charges: Kynan and Lore
Mate: Lore
Book: Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica #4)
Appearance: Tall, curvy and athletic beautiful and feminine, honey coloured eyes, waist length chestnut coloured hair that she wears in a braid.
Family: She has a brother another angel called Rami, and just about the scariest father…ever!

Sin & Con

Name: Sinead aka Sin
Race: Seminus demon, although his mother was human- the very first female Seminus demon
Book: Sin Undone (Demonica #5)
Mate: Conall
Appearance: Coal black eyes, long blue-black hair, tan skin and petite.
Family: Her twin brother is Lore, and her half brothers are Eidolon, Shade and Wraith (they share the same father)
Profession: Assassin, was a slave but now runs her own guild.
Special Abilities: When she touches someone she can start kill them with a disease.
Line your Siblings never wanna hear: “Yeah, I need sex or I die. so stop with the obnoxious chaperon shit because I really don’t want you anywhere nearby while I’m doing it. And I don’t think you want that either.” She gave them her sweetest smile. “And I know that the second you’re gone, I’m going to ride Con until he begs for mercy.”

Name: Conall
Race: A Dhampire- Half vampire half warg
Book: Sin Undone (Demonica #5)
Mate: Sin
Appearance: 6 ft 6” tall, sandy blonde hair, silver eyes, lean athletic body
Profession: At the moment, Paramedic for the UGH, but he has tried many things and is easily bored.
Conall trying on the charming: “I’m over a thousand years old. I’ve seen it all. You, sweetcheeks, are nothing new.” At what must have been an outraged expression on her face, he laughed again. “Come on. Surely you can’t think you are the only female out there who’s had a rough life, had her heart walked on, been kept in a dungeon for three centuries, blah, blah pick your trauma, and are now stomping around with all this pent-i[ anger you spill like acid on everyone who tries to get to know you.” He narrowed his gaze at her. “How close am I?”

Kynan & Gem

Name: Kynan Morgan
Race: Human, but with a BIG destiny!
Book: All of ‘em
Mate: Gem
Appearance: 6 ft 2, tan skin, athletically built with spiky dark hair and eyes the colour of denim. Gravelly voice due to a throat injury
Profession: Used to be in the Army, but is now an Aegis Guardian.
Quote: “I am going to do you right here on the table, Gem. Can you handle that?”

Name: Dr Gemella Endri- Gem to her friends
Race: Half Soulshredder, half human, but was raised by Sensor demons.
Book: All of ‘em
Mate: Kynan
Familly: Raised by Sensor demons, but is Tayla’s sister.
Appearance: Goth style, dark hair with various brightly coloured highlights and green eyes
Quote: God, she wanted to jump on him, take him to the floor and ride him twice before dinner.

Our Demonica Theme Song
(Yeah, maybe it’s because Sin was listening to it and she’s a cool chick, what can I say)
Drowning Pool – Bodies

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    1. @_yay_ That’s a tough choice! They are both great and very different. But you can always start with Demonica since it’s less books and then move on to Psy-Changeling.

      @Blue Shedevil Thanks! UGH is a great place to be 😉

    2. Thank you, thank you, thaaaank you! Great summary. 🙂
      I’m trying to decide what to read next: Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series or Larissa Ione’s Demonica series.

    3. Love Larissa’s Demonica series. I mean where else can you read about a hospital called UGH. Great article.

    4. @_yay_ Demonica Series,,I don’t know much about psy-changleling,,I do have it on my wish list but Demonica Series,,seriously,,,like you should have started it yesterday…
      HOT HOT HOT demons,,,
      and @Under the covers- Love the pics that you have for the demons,,thats a perfect pic for Eidolon,,,and the I can’t wait to see who you pic for Ares,,from Eternal Rider,,Im excited for this series,,as much as I was for the Demonica Series…

    5. @Jodie & @Megan: Glad you like these features! We have a great time putting them together!

      @Jennifer_After_Dark: isn’t that just the perfect Eidolon? I could stare at him for hours!

    6. @UTC + @Jennifer: I think that’s what I’m going to do…start with Demonica. It really is a tough decision, though. Loved Nalini’s Guild Hunter books, but also read & loved Eternal Rider by L. Ione. Just downloaded the sample of the 1st in the Demonica series. #Kindletime :-)The pictures really are fab.

    7. I love the character pictures!!! Dr. E and Shade*swoon*

      Annie, I’ve made a mistake. It’s not Wraith…it’s Shade with runa in the Alley. Runa owned the Coffee Shop. I have ro reread!!!

    8. Oh, nooo…
      I disagree with that “Suzanne rename to Tayla” part. That definitely me, Ren, who rename to Tayla. Eidolon will always be my baby 😉 (err, not baby after all)

    9. Never ever heard of it, but it’s sounds awesome!! I’ll look after it right now!!I totally have a thing for demons!!


    10. I heart this series so much! Larissa is da’ bomb! Ky and Gem are my absolute favorite couple. Great feature and write up. I like the model that you picked for Ky…sexy!

    11. I need to stop stalking you. Damn. Yet another series I’ll start just. because. of. you. guys. DAMNIT! xD

      I love the post and I think all of them are looking hawt, so my very shallow mind will most likely enjoy the novels now. lol

      All my best,

    12. Absolutely LOVE this series!! But i pictured Runa as someone a little less petite and with more muscle tone; she is a werewolf after all. And Gem too, mostly because I though tayla and her would look more alike, but still love that you found such GORGEOUS males for the guys!

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