“This was one hot story!” ~Under the Covers

I’ve been really excited to read this since I saw the cover, because I loved the colors and the feel of it.  Yes, yes, I know… One of these days I’ll learn.  In all honesty, I thought each of the authors would get a short story and this would be more like a kinky anthology.  But it’s actually just one story.  And to my disappointment, it’s one of those cliffhanger type, to be continued, you have to read the next books to know who she is going to end up with, kind of book.  I’m not a huge fan of that, although I can deal with it sometimes.

This started off great in the first few chapters but then it quickly turned into a bit of a mess for me because things were happening a bit fast and sort of completely unreal.  Raine was taken in under Hammer’s protection and care when he found her on the streets after she ran away from home.  She’s always idolized him and is 100% head over heels in love.  He’s been trying to stay away from her because he wants her so much and he doesn’t think he would be any good to her.  Yes, the good old “I’m too damaged because of all the bad shit that happened in my past that will just repeat itself with you” plot.  Another thing I’m not a huge fan of.

But where things went sour for me in this story and what really threw my enjoyment of the book from where it should’ve been, was the fact that Hammer does something that puts him in asshole territory.  For me, he never left that corner from that point on.  So here I am rooting for guy B, his best friend Liam.  Just as Dom but a caring and loving gentleman as well.  The Irish accent helps also.  Liam is left to pick up the pieces of poor Riane by the time Hammer is done stomping all over her heart and pride.

So needless to say when she struggles and goes back and forth, I was not so happy.  I do think towards the end of the story, Hammer was starting to plant a seed of doubt about Liam in my mind.  And I do trust that the authors will redeem him in the next story.  But at least in this one, he wasn’t my favorite.

Now for the side characters, I am extremely interested to read more about Beck.  First they talk about him like he’s the devil incarnate and such an uncaring sadist.  Then he proves a softer side as the book goes along.  Then he turns out to be a hot shot doctor.  Now, tell me more about him. 😉

This was a bit of a different take on a bdsm club classic story.  There’s a triangle instead of a menage, which I wasn’t expecting.  Although I still have hopes for that to change.  One thing is for sure.  This was one hot story!

*Review copy provided by author

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