“The writing in itself was very good and it flowed.”
~ Under the Covers

You know what they say…never judge a book by its cover.  I’m sad to say that this was totally the case here.  I saw the beautiful cover and had to read it.  I started the book and it didn’t grab me right away, so I put it down for a bit.  Then I finally picked it up again and… well lets just say that I tried to be open minded but had quite a bit of trouble with this book.

See, it’s really hard to enjoy a book when the hero is egotistical (most of the time, there were a few exceptions) and the heroine tries so hard at being tough and kick ass that she just annoys the hell out of me.  Yes, I’m sad to say this is a heroine I would gladly stab… repeatedly.  Just when I thought she was getting a little better she would do something stupid again that would make me cringe or pull my hair out.  I’m actually not sure if I disliked her more, or maybe it was the hero.  But they were very close in that department.  Although towards the end I could say at least he redeemed himself a bit while she stayed annoying.  So yes, she wins.

But enough of that.  The writing in itself was very good and it flowed.  It was actually a fast read.  The storyline had a lot of potential that was never developed, but maybe it suffered a bit from all the pointless sex the book had.  Yes, I just said pointless sex.  Something is wrong with me.  *Checks forehead for temperature*  But if I start to feel the need to skim a sex scene, there is a problem.  And I found myself wanting to do that a lot in this book.

So what can you expect of this book?  Well, fallen angels and Archangels with a bit of a chip on their shoulder, who really need to work on their attitude and how they use women.  A story about lovers getting a second chance at love (that is quite obvious from early on).  An undeveloped (to my taste) side story about a missing girl that is talked about in the first 20% of the book and then gets pushed aside by all the sex and doesn’t pick back up until the very end.  Oh and the mix of sci fi with PNR that I’m not sure I was all too excited to see (aka aliens traveling through lightening, fallen angel battling said aliens to protect human half-ling soulmate).

In the end, although I should say that I was happy with how things turned out and how they got their HEA, all I could do was sigh in relief that it was done before I had to subject to my friends to anymore text messages about what was going on in the book.  But no worries, the pretty cover was not harmed in my fits of wanting to throw the book across the room.



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