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“If you’re looking for a UF trilogy, [Vamp City] is a perfect choice. It has a good dose of adventure, romance, a sexy hero and a pretty strong heroine.”
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It’s been way too long since the last installment and honestly, I thought Ms. Palmer had let this series go. From what I remember, the plan for this series was to have five books but now cut to a trilogy. I know it hasn’t gotten the same attention as her other series, and it’s a shame because Vamp City is a good one. For its last hurrah, Palmer ended Quinn’s story with a big bang! It was quite impressive.

Vamp City is an alternate world where vampires and others alike exist away from humans and most importantly, away from the harmful rays of the sun. It was built from pure magic making it a safe haven for many. Unfortunately, after years of magic protection, Vamp City is long overdue to renew its magic or it will be on its way to destruction. Make the long story short, Quinn Lennox, who is very connected to that magic, is their only hope. With the help of her friends and her beau, Quinn will learn to hone her skills and will take down anyone who gets in her way.

This last installment is not as dark as the first two books.  It still had the post apocalyptic feel to it but it wasn’t as somber.  In fact, it had a subtle feel of hope and that I-will-fight-for-what-I-want vibe to the whole story especially when it came to Quinn and Arturo.  But none of it was rushed.  I like that there was a slow build-up of their second chance at love. I really like how their relationship turned out. It wasn’t perfect but the mutual love and respect was there. Turo was ever so sexy and Quinn had her annoying moments but overall she was pretty kick ass. She really came through for everyone in VC and I have to say that the battle at the end was pretty intense.  A couple of side stories got their happy ending. Some were not so happy, but everything seemed to close out nice and neat.

If you’re looking for a UF trilogy, this is a perfect choice. It has a good dose of adventure, romance, a sexy hero and a pretty strong heroine.

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