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“It makes my heart swell to see them all so happy.”
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When I learned that Mary Calmes was writing another book for Sam and Jory, I literally jumped up and down with excitement. These boys have to be one of my favorites in the genre. You can’t help but love Jory and his hilarious narration. He’s just so endearing, even when he is completely clueless. With Sam, they are the perfect balance and now that they have a family, it makes my heart swell to see them all so happy.

However, that happiness doesn’t last very long because if you’ve followed the series before, then you know that Jory is a trouble magnet. Even though he is his happy-go-lucky and charming self, he still manages to get punched.utc-top-pick

While there is a bit of suspense and mystery, it’s very very light. The threat isn’t very high and the conclusion happens pretty much happens all behind the scenes so while it can be disappointing to some, I didn’t really mind it because there are so many other amazing things that I adore about this book that make up for it.

Sam and Jory are planning to get married. Getting to see them with their kids is just so entertaining. I love how Jory out-smartens his little girl and even how Sam tries to be that mixture of strict Dad and loving father. Duncan and Aaron are in it too so it’s a lovely conclusion to the series. However, if Mary Calmes decides to write more in this series, you definitely won’t hear me complaining!


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  1. Thanks for the review. I think it is awesome that Mary made this novella free. I can’t wait to read it. Sam and Jory are one of my all time favorite reads. I read that Ian and Miro are in it too, I’m soo looking forward to their next book!