slow and at times descriptive character driven story.


Totally mood reading and influenced by the fact that I’ve seen this author all over Bookstagram recommended (even though it was a different book a few months back) I decided to pick up this new release on Kindle Unlimited. Did I read the blurb in a lot of detail or other reviews? Not really. You could say I went in blind. And after I’ve been sitting on writing this review for a while, my feelings have grown even more conflicted about the book. Ultimately I’m leaving my rating as it was initially but I feel it could be less.

But let’s get into it. This book is about two best friends and neighbors at the age of six. One has a great family life and the other not so much. In fact, his father finally decides to kill his mother when he realizes she was ready to run away from him. This sweet boy ends up living with his friend and next door neighbor and becoming part of that family. And that includes June.

First, I think if you liked old school Colleen Hoover you’ll probably enjoy this story. Writing is different but the angst and storyline is similar to those.

Second, I haven’t read this author before so I’m not sure if it’s the style of writing but this book has a ton of unnecessary every day life type of scenes. We could’ve gotten the same feeling by cutting a good third of the book. And for me that affected the reading flow and my interest in the story. Which yes, varied at times. It was interesting and had my attention and then I could be bored.

I wish the story would’ve had an ending that I could buy into more than it did. It just seemed like at one point the decision was reached that they would cross the line and them everything was rushed. As was the acceptance in the end.

June First is a slow and at times descriptive character driven story. It tears at the strings of the heart at times and tests your level of comfort with this forbidden love story.

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