who is not obsessed with Bones? You will be even more after this, trust me.


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Calling all Bones and Night Huntress fans! If you’re like me, reading a book that rehashes a story I’ve read (even if I loved it) from a different POV usually feels pointless to me. I usually feel there’s not enough that can be added to the story. But if you’re a fan of the series, consider this.

I’ve read Halfway to the Grave multiple times and every time I feel like I pick up something new. Reading THE OTHER HALF OF THE GRAVE was much like that, except I felt like I could get to know Bones more. There were small details about his actions and his thoughts and feelings that made this whole story worth it for me. I think big fans will feel the same.

I don’t want to get into it because spoilers but just know that this book will give you the same butterflies as reading the original did. But if possible in a way that feels more special. Because let’s face it, who is not obsessed with Bones? You will be even more after this, trust me.

This book seems like it would be beat read after finishing the series in my opinion. I know it states it’s book 1.1 but I think it feels more special knowing where their relationship went and then look back at Bones feelings.

Now if only we can get Vlad’s books from his POV my life will be complete.

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