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ARC Review: The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian
The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes
Book Info

Released: June 7, 2022
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: The Queer Principles of Kit Webb #2
Pages: 352

It is a sexy, unique, and fabulous novel featuring two bisexual, clever, and likable protagonists in their journey of criminal adventures!


Recommended Read!

This is a fantastic, gripping, and witty novel of blackmailing and kidnapping that turns into flirting and love.

He is an illegitimate son of a duke, she is the only daughter of an earl. He’s been arrested more times than he can count and he’s been shot, stabbed, and thrown overboard, she accepted a marriage of convenience to a duke to pay her father’s debt only to find out that the man she married is worse than she thought. He is charming and sunshine, impulsive and reckless, she is prickly, competent, and determined.

Rob Brooks and Marian Hayes seem a very unlikely couple, but the chemistry between them is clear from their first exchange of letters. It all starts with blackmail. He blackmails her because he knows a secret about her husband, so she kidnaps him, then there is a shooting and a quick escape to the country where they share a bed, alcohol, and much more.

This is such a fun read. I read it in two days, unable to put it down. The story is intriguing and very well-written, but what I liked most about the novel is the two protagonists and their easy banter. Rob is the perfect charming rogue. It is so easy to fall in love with this character, I mean, he rescues invalid cats, how can you not love him? Marian tries her best to resist him, but his charm is on all the time, and he is sweet and caring and he never pushes her to do things she is uncomfortable with. The more time they spend together, the more they learn to trust each other.

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes will appeal to both romance and mystery lovers. There is blackmail, kidnapping, murder, strong attraction between the two protagonists, only one bed to share, lots of gin, friends and found family. And while this remains an entertaining read that made me laugh most of the time, the author also alludes to some serious issues, like the way women were treated at the time, their right to choice and consent, their struggle with motherhood. This last theme is well-represented by Marian’s insecurities towards motherhood and her relationship with her new-born daughter.

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes is the sequel to The Queer Principles of Kit Webb, but it can easily read as a stand-alone. It is a sexy, unique, and fabulous novel featuring two bisexual, clever, and likable protagonists in their journey of criminal adventures!

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About Cat Sebastian

Cat writes steamy, upbeat historical romances. They usually take place in the Regency, generally have at least one LGBTQ+ main character, and always have happy endings.

Before writing, Cat was a lawyer and a teacher. She enjoys crossword puzzles, geeking out over birds, gardening badly, and–of course–reading. In high school, her parents went away for a week, and instead of throwing raucous parties, Cat read Middlemarch. Even worse, Cat remembers little of a trip through Europe because she was busy reading Mansfield Park. Her proudest moment was when she realized her kids were shaping up to be hopeless bookworms too. Currently, her favorite genres are romance, mystery and fantasy.

Cat lives with her husband, three kids, and dog in an improbably small house. After growing up in the northeast, she now lives in a part of the south where every body of water seems to contain alligators or sharks, and every restaurant serves biscuits and gravy. She likes the biscuits, but not so much the alligators.

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