INSTANT GRATIFICATION is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys small-town romances, a little adventure and lots of humor and heart. ~ Under the Covers

I haz a new boyfriend and his name is Stone Wilder! Jill Shalvis really needs to stop writing these awesome heroes. I literally have no space left to list them in my harem. It’s really no wonder why I get errors every time I try to add and save a new entry in my harem, it’s gotten way too long and it seems that a substantial amount are Jill Shalvis’s men. Stone Wilder is a dream! With his athletic bod and that killer charm, I’m completely helpless to his easy-going ways.

In contrast, Shalvis introduces readers to a heroine who likes to have her life on a tight leash. Dr. Emma Sinclair is stuck in Wishful, California taking over her father’s clinic for the summer. Not the type to rock the muddy boots and hit the trails, Emma is more comfortable in her high heels with a cup of Starbucks in her hand. But unfortunately, for the time being, she needs to be here in Wishful, dealing with one of the Wilder brothers who seems to keep getting injured because of his stubborn ways.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION opens with a very cute scene where Stone has been hurt while “being attacked at a bar by three ladies”. TJ, the youngest Wilder brother hauls Stone to se Dr. Emma to get patched up. Naturally, Shalvis’ comedic tendencies shine through in every way. Humor fills the dialogue and just nine pages into this book, she had me laughing out loud and grinning from ear-to-ear.

There is explosive chemistry between Stone and Emma, but because of Emma’s personality, it takes awhile to really see her let loose. I believe some of the romance stalled because of Emma’s non-trusting ways, but as I said, Stone is a dream and he chips away at her until he can see the warm, liquid center beneath the hard shell. Emma kind of reminds me of Tara from The Sweetest Thing a bit.

All in all, Shalvis did a great job of building a relationship even when Emma wasn’t ready for one. It just shows how love can happen when you least expect it. I think it’s a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys small-town romances, a little adventure and lots of humor and heart.


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  1. So true! My harem is enormous! My friends are asking me if I have time for all of the guys 😀 :))

    Jill’s humor is the best! Thanks for the review hon :*

  2. J.S. is book crack… just sayin’. Here I was getting caught up w/ her other series and now there’s a new one!?!? Wallet gonna hate me 🙂

  3. Ann,
    Jill is one of those authors that just do it for me every time I pick up one of her books.
    I haven’t read this series yet-but I have one in my TBR pile. Just can’t remember if its book one or two, lol. Her blogs are HILARIOUS–you must check them out. Shalvis’s snarky humor always puts a smile on my face.
    Great review!