“In my mind he [Mac] was sexy as hell.” ~Under the Covers

I admit I wanted to like this book, a lot.  The very beginning had all the potential for a really hot book.  Big dangerous guy find damsel in distress in the middle of a storm with her car completely dead.  Except he’s been hiding from the world and she knows exactly who he is and how she could find him.  So of course he kidnaps her, I mean, takes her in for questioning.

See Dr. Catherine Young has a special gift.  When she touches someone she can see images of their past, but she can also feel their emotions.  And she was on a mission to find Mac, but we don’t find out right away how she knew about him.

Mac is the leader of a military team that was believed to blow up a research facility that was doing research to find a cure for cancer.  They were setup and now have gone into deep hiding.  When Catherine shows up, they can’t help but believe she’s a spy.

Mac was a strong and brooding type of hero, very alpha.  He’s described as ugly, with scars everywhere, but in my mind he was sexy as hell.  Catherine is a perfect combination between strong and soft.  She’s got a backbone, that’s for sure.  But she’s also an everyday girl.  I really liked that about her.

Why just 3 stars then?  The pace of the story kept losing me a bit.  Although the main idea of the book was great, I couldn’t help but putting this book down.  And then…confession time…I skimmed through some sex parts. *gasp*  Soooooo, that’s why.

I do feel that I have this same problem with other Lisa Marie Rice books I’ve read in the past.

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  1. I also 3 starred it. I think you’re right about the pacing, and guess what I skimmed/skipped over too? Did you read any of the follow up books? I admit to curiosity…