”The love and tension between them [Jack and Willow] just went beyond the pages.” ~Under the Covers

Ms. Robinson is a new to me author and though December was a good month of new author discoveries for me, I wish I’ve known about this author before.  I am not one to read out of order but when I accepted this book, I did not know it was the 3rd installment.  But things happen for a reason and all that and I’m glad I took it for review. I enjoyed this book a great deal and now, going back to book 1 is a must.

Willow Pierce has been a widowed the past two years.  Her husband died from an explosion, one of the hazards of being CIA.  She has mourned his loss and moved to a small town called Orchard Bluff hoping to start anew.  But when Con Russo stumbles in for directions, she is
sure Con is her departed husband.  Being a wife of a spy earned her some skills and with a talent of “sense”, she strongly believes Con is her Jack.

Con Russo AKA Jack Pierce had given up the love of his life to give her a chance at love.  After a big explosion, he feigned his own death, got a new look but left his old life behind.  Unfortunately,
his next job requires him to have close contact with his wife as her life may be in danger.  The question is, how will he keep his real identity hidden from her.

I love Jack and Willow, they truly are in love with each other …til death do them part and even beyond.  The love and tension between them just went beyond the pages.  Their interactions were sweet and funny.  One of my favorite scenes is when they were scaring each other and
mentioning scary movies.  It totally made me laugh-out-loud.  The secondary characters were also a delight, funny personalities that makes up a “small town” world.

Ms. Robinson brought a light romantic read with a hint of suspense and fun and whole lot of sweetness.  Live and Let Love is a stand-alone read. I did not feel like I missed any information WHILE reading this book, except that I missed reading the first two installments for my enjoyment.

*ARC provided by publisher

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