Review: Mercy Kill by Lori G. Armstrong

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Review: Mercy Kill by Lori G. Armstrong
Mercy Kill
Book Info

Released: January 11, 2011
Series: A Mercy Gunderson Mystery #2
Pages: 293

“It’s official…I’m a fan.  Mercy is just my type of girl.” ~Under the Covers

It’s official…I’m a fan.  Mercy is just my type of girl.  She always wants to do the right thing, no matter the cost to herself.  She’s kick ass, she gets into trouble, she goes after what she believes in.  Now if only we could get her to see things straight from the very beginning…

In this book, Mercy is working as a bartender when her old army buddy, Jason, comes into town looking to convince people to put an oil pipeline through their ranches.  And then, Mercy’s life being always so messed up, she finds his dead body outside the bar one night.  When no one cares about this, and the sheriff won’t investigate, she starts taking matters into her own hands.  Doing the investigative work, and even running for sheriff herself.  After all, it was her dad’s job before.

Things of course get more complicated as she delves into the whys and hows of her buddies’ death…even more so when another army buddy of hers, Anna, comes into town looking for revenge.

As always, Mercy is awesome.  Maybe even more so in this book because she doesn’t have as many issues as she did in book one, at least in my opinion.  Then there’s the Native American element.  I think Ms. Armstrong does an amazing job at weaving in the culture of the place into the story and making it also an important part of how the story develops.  You really feel as if you were there.

And then there’s the actual story.  Always full of suspense and just a small dash of sexy.  I really like the way Ms. Armstrong surprises me with Mercy’s stories go.  I can’t wait to be surprised again in the next one.

Favorite Quote:

“Do I look like a lady who gives a shit of what people think of what kind of language I use?”

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