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“The Bradfords are the perfect entertainment on a cold Christmas night…”
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How did I miss that the next Neighbor from Hell book was coming out? I am a bad fan, I think (although I had a good Christmas) that my Christmas would have been much improved if I had this to snuggle up with. The Bradfords are the perfect entertainment on a cold Christmas night and I was pleased to be meeting Duncan Bradford and read about him helplessly fall in love with the extremely clumsy, jinxed woman next door.

As with all of Mathewson’s Neighbor from Hell books, this was really funny, seeing the scraps that the couples get themselves into never fails to amuse me. It doesn’t matter too much to me that these books now follow a very familiar patter, in some ways, it’s comforting to know exactly what I am letting myself into when I open the book; there will be laughter; there will be some sexy times; their will be a food related incident that has me giggling and there will be a sexy, arrogant and adorable Bradford male to keep me entertained. It could be much much worse.

Duncan, although not my favourite Bradford, that honour belongs to Trevor, was a great hero, he started off the book avoiding our heroine in a very valid attempt to save himself from harm, after all every time he has encountered the jink next door he has come away with a serious injury. However, circumstances definitely wouldn’t let things stay that way, so after being forced to spend some time together things start to change and we watch as another Bradford falls and falls hard.

This was a great addition to the series and I CANNOT WAIT for the next book. And I am not overstating that, I stupidly read the excerpt for the next book in the series and now I am dying to get my greedy mitts all over it.



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