“Anyone who hasn’t started the Ice Planet Barbarians series really needs to give it a chance. ”
~ Under the Covers

I’m on book 10 of this series and it’s still going strong, I look forward to every release as I know Ruby Dixon is going to give me a tale of romance with a sexy blue alien to fall in love with. In the case of Barbarian’s Hope I get a sexy blue alien woman as well as this focuses on Asha and Hemalo, whose relationship fell apart after the devastating loss of their baby.

I really liked Asha even before this book, at first she was a bit of a bitch but as the series continues we get to know more about her adding a depth to her “mean girl” character. Barbarian’s Hope despite being a sci fi romance between two blue aliens is at its base a story of two people who love each other coming back together after a tragic event pushed them apart. You can’t help but emphasis with each character…as well as wanting to shake them as this book relies on communication problems to keep it going. But I didn’t mind it too much as the whole problem with their relationship before is that they never communicated properly due to their very different personalities, so it made sense.

This was another good book in the series, all about a couple finding new hope for the future and coming back together, with Dixon throwing in some hot sexy times as well. Anyone who hasn’t started the Ice Planet Barbarians series really needs to give it a chance. spacer


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