“HOME AT LAST has small town charm and was a fast read.”
~ Under the Covers

Marcus and Quinn’s story started in the previous book, CLOSE TO HOME.  They were definitely my favorite thing about that book because their relationship had a ton of spark and combustion.  At the end of that book they weren’t together and I couldn’t wait to see which direction this book would take them.  I was so pleasantly surprised with what the author did in this book.  HOME AT LAST is possibly my favorite book in this series, and that may just be because it has a bit more romance than women’s fiction than we’ve seen in the previous books in the series.  That being said, I think you could read this one without having read the previous books.

Quinn was the girl next door, many years younger than Marcus.  Her childhood crush turned into very adult attraction when Marcus comes back to town.  A bit broken by what his life has made him go through.  He comes with a very surly and grumpy attitude, which I weirdly found endearing.  Quinn’s young spunk is just what he needs to feel re-invigorated about life.  She pushes him to be happy and doesn’t take no for an answer.  I loved that about her character.  At the same time she’s dealing with figuring out the direction of her life and career and her parents possibly divorcing.

I was expecting something a little darker in Marcus’s past to justify some of his thoughts and actions, but it was all a bit simple in my opinion.  That was one place I thought this story could go a little deeper, but it goes well with the easier feel of the book and series.

You also get a side story, not really calling it a secondary romance, but dealing with Quinn’s parents trying to save their marriage or going for divorce.  This was also woven nicely in with the main romance and felt relevant to the story so it was a nice addition.

HOME AT LAST has small town charm and was a fast read.  I believe this is the last book in the series, but I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for more books by Lily Everett.  There’s a comfortable warmth to the stories she tells under this pen name and if you like your romance a bit sweeter than this will definitely be a good series to read.




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