“This was such a delightful book! Funny, sweet and romantic a feel good Christmas tale.” ~Under the Covers

Taran needs his nephews to get married with no children of his own he is passing his Scottish castle to one of them and wants to make sure they are settled. So, what else can he do but steal them some potential wives? On his triumphant return he presents, four ladies to his two nephews, and unfortunately for batty Uncle Taran the handsome Duke of Bretton as well! But a storm has descended and they are all trapped in the old drafty castle with only each other for company, can love blossom in these very unusual circumstances?

This was such a delightful book! Funny, sweet and romantic a feel good Christmas tale. Each couple was written by a different author, bringing a different style to each section of the book, and what I liked about this book was that although it was written by three different authors, it wasn’t written in three separate novella’s but rather as one whole, which made it come together as one cohesive book.

I did enjoy some couple’s romances more then others, but they were all charming, and the although the romances had to squeeze into a relatively small amount of page time I still thought they held up well.

This is a good book, maybe not something I would reread but it was something easy to pick up and have a few hours of light hearted enjoyment.

*ARC provided by publisher

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