“Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite Young Adult writers.”
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I have no idea why it took me so long to read this book. Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite Young Adult writers but while I loved the Lunar Chronicles, this book is definitely a complete change for her. Whereas the other series had a fairy tale vibe to it, this one has more of a hardcore Sci Fi and Dystopian aspect to it.

Meyer opens the book with a bit of backstory, delving readers straight into this newly altered world. To be honest, the world isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but I did find it interesting. Meyer’s writing always captures my attention and I found the story to be quite gripping with some memorable heart-stopping moments.

The only complaint that I really have about this is the fact that the book has more violent scenes than I expected. Within the first couple of chapters, the heroine’s parents and baby sister are murdered. And although it is told through a door, I feel like the violence is used to create sympathy. I don’t know. I guess it just didn’t sit well with me given the recent events of real life that are happening with violence targeting children these days. I know it’s fiction and this probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much at some other time, but if I had a young kid, I don’t know that I would let them read it until they are a bit more mature. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing what else this series will bring.


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