“…packed full of female empowerment.”
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I was so excited for this new series by Kelly Bowen.  I always enjoy her writing and this new offering isn’t the exception.  A DUKE IN THE NIGHT was a fun ride and introduction to what I’m hoping will be a very entertaining series packed full of female empowerment.

It is not often that we meet a heroine like Clara.  She’s very comfortable in her own skin and her own life choices.  She doesn’t need a man to complete her and has no problems with being a spinster.  And when the time comes, she’s also confident enough to ask for what she wants while keeping a level head to protect herself from any repercussions.  She’s also running her business, a school that aims to teach young women that they can aspire to be more than what society dictates should be their interests.   Basically, you’ll just admire the hell out of her!

In comparison, I think August Faulkner didn’t stand out as a drool-worthy hero as much as I would’ve liked.  However, his personality is the perfect match for Clara.  He’s a ruthless businessman, stopping at nothing to get what he sets out to ensure his family’s financial protection for generations to come.  He had to learn that the hard way from his past.  He’s had to sacrifice a lot to get to where he is at, but she certainly has her work cut out for her when it comes to his acceptance of new female roles.

I loved that these two had history from so many years ago.  In a way Clara was the one that got away for August because life dictated it so.  After he was enthralled by her, life threw a big curveball his way and he had to shift his focus to the more important task of digging his family out of a hole.  His interest in a woman had no place in that.  But it was so satisfying to see two people that sacrificed so much finally get what they always wanted, even all those years later.  I think it was even better because life has taught them both so much which just made their relationship stronger than it could’ve been then.

While this was a very entertaining read with lots of great banter, I thought it lacked a little extra to keep me glued to the pages as much as I wanted.  But I’m definitely very interested in this new set of characters and can’t wait to keep diving into this series.




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  1. 3.5 is not too bad, is it? I just bought it and was looking forward to it. Well, I guess I still am 😉