“A sweet romance!”
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You know what you can always expect when you pick up a Penelope Ward book?  A sweet romance!  I like to go in mostly blind, but I knew there was some confusion from the blurb about the fact that this was about three childhood friends.  So I had to at least confirm if this was going to be a menage or love triangle or what.  But that’s all I knew going in.

From the very beginning you are swept off your feet by Channing.  He was the bad boy of the group and has been a good friend to Amber since his sister and Amber’s best friend, had died in a freak accident.  She’s nursing a broken heart after her long relationship with their other longtime friend, Rory, has come to an abrupt end.  Channing temporarily rents a room in her condo, which he needs for work, but also to help lift her spirits.  But all those feelings they both long ago buried come quickly to the surface when they are put in such close proximity.

This is a story about “the one that got away” and it couldn’t have been sweeter.  Yes, there is sort of a love triangle in the end, but I don’t think there was much of a doubt at any point of the story of which way the story would go.

While I didn’t find this to be incredibly original, what it lacked in that it made up with lovable characters.  You can’t help but fall head over heels for this sweet hero who is just a nice guy in his bad boy disguise.  How he cares for his mother, how he acts with Milo, there was just so much about Channing that put a smile on my face and had me rooting for him to finally get the girl.

If you are looking for a cute read that you can probably gobble up in one sitting, then look no further.  This has that and just that hint of sexy that should put you in a good mood.



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