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“RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE was quite addictive.”
~ Under the Covers

I had seen this debut getting a lot of early attention and I wanted to see what the buzz was about so I gave it a try.  This is a new adult m/m royal romance between the Prince of England and the First Son of the USA.  That concept had me rushing to read it and I think Casey McQuiston delivered.

Alex, the First Son, is a fun loving character.  He has a tight knit group of friends and likes have a good time with them, giving the entertainment magazines plenty to talk about.  Which is why he’s never liked Prince Henry.  He finds him boring and they’ve always been at odds with each other.  Until one moment at a party goes wrong and they are forced to clear up public appearances by pretending to be friends and having a few organized “meetings”.

This is a classic gay-for-you trope.  Alex had no idea that he could be attracted to men until feelings start to develop for Henry.  I liked the way this book tackled that time in Alex’s life and the emotional struggle.  At the same time, it shows two very different support systems.  While Alex has it, Henry doesn’t.  I think that made for an interesting read, and it gave their relationship more depth.

My favorite thing about this book is just that it was fun.  While it certainly does have some heavier moments, Alex can make things feel quite fun and light hearted.  RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE was quite addictive.

Keep in mind this book will have the feel and problems of a celebrity/royal romance and it has some politics in it as well.  I personally don’t think the politics on this book were too heavy.  But it you are looking for two adorable young men trying to navigate their sexuality, their feelings for each other, and their responsibility and image to not only their families but their country, then you’ll enjoy this book.  This is a solid debut novel, even though maybe at times you could tell it was the authors’ first book.  I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.



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