“She knows exactly what I like; a sexy not-quite human hero, with alpha male tendencies and a heart like a marshmallow.”
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If Laurann Dohner is going to write it, then you’re dang sure I am going to read it. She knows exactly what I like; a sexy not-quite human hero, with alpha male tendencies and a heart like a marshmallow. I first read her New Species series, which till this day still remains one of my favourites, however, it may be knocked of the top spot with her new The Vorge Crew series. I loved it.

The Vorge Crew series tells the tale of the unique and motley crew aboard the ambassadorial space ship Vorge. Each crew member has their own troubled past, which we see revealed in their book as they fall prey to love, some more willingly than others.

the Bossy Boss one
The Vorge Crew #1

3 stars 

We kick the series off with Cathian, Cathian Veller is the ship’s captain and he’s about to go into a mating frenzy. The only problem is, is that he’s far from home with no females to help him through his heat. Nara is in a bind. It’s either jail or the sex auction. She chooses the sex auction; at least there she has a chance to escape. However, she is offered a deal. Six days. She needs to be render her services for six days and then she’s free.

This book was originally a short story in an anthology, so it may sound familiar, but it was updated and expanded to be the start of this series. I haven’t read it in its original form, so I don’t know how much it has changed, it’s still fairly short at just over 100 pages, but in those pages it really packed the action in. This was a sexy start to the series and did a good job of introducing the world and the characters.

It wasn’t my favourite in the series, but it had me eagerly reaching for the next book.

the Grumpy one
The Vorge Crew #2

3.5 stars 

Mari has spent her life as a slave, but she knows compared to other humans she has had it easy. She was raised on a space vessel doing repairs and is now an engineer. So, she is shocked when her master grants her freedom and gets her a job aboard another vessel – the Vorge – as an engineer. Where she will be paid for her work. Dovis isn’t happy about the human engineer on his ship, especially as she works hard enough to make everyone else look lazy. But, it is their mutual attraction that he really can’t stand, can the timid and sweet engineer tame the beast?

This book…so adorable! It was the sci fi version of beauty and beast, with the eager to please Mari taming Dovis our surly head of security. Although the story line offers nothing new, it was such a cute and sexy story that it had me falling in love with both Mari and Dovis.

Also…werewolf in space.

the Sweet one
The Vorge Crew #3

4 stars 

York has watched two of his crewmates fall in love and he wants that for himself. As a Parri his race need touch and physical affection, something that isn’t plentiful on ship. Which, is how he agrees to an arranged marriage with a fellow Parri female. Sara was sold out by Earth’s government when they sold her  into slavery. Until she was saved by another alien race. Only being saved from slavery hasn’t seemed to improved her circumstances. Now she is living in poverty on an alien planet and despised by all races. When she see’s the big blue male who was kind to her being abused and disparaged by his betrothed, she can’t help thinking that he deserves better. But what can she do? He’s getting married in the morning after all.

This book was my favourite in the series so far. Is it because I am bias and I have a love for big blue aliens with a heart of gold? Maybe. But I absolutely loved how cuddly and gentle York was. I also loved Sara, she took a massive leap of faith with York and after all she’s been through she deserved happiness.

This book probably won’t be for everyone, there wasn’t much conflict, they basically agree to marry and then very quickly fall in love. I’m not really a fan of insta-love…but I just loved these two together, sometimes you just want two lovely people to get what they deserve.

the Dangerous one
The Vorge Crew #4

3 stars 

The latest in the Vorge series is about Raff, half brother of Cathian. Raff’s mother was abandoned by his father on a desolate and dangerous planet when she was pregnant. When Cathian learned of Raff’s existence he immediately went to his brother bringing him abroad the Vorge. But, was too late to save Raff’s mother. Brought up in a brutal environment has made Raff lethal to his enemies and he intends to go back to kill the man responsible for the death of his mother. But somehow ends up saving a human slave instead. Lilly wanted adventure… she never expected to find quite so much. She’s currently a slave after her ship was captured and the crew killed by pirates. Now, she’s at the feet of a dangerous looking male who could either kill her or save her…

Raff has been a silent but intimidating presence on the Vorge. We’ve had hints about his past and how Cathian found him, now we see that up close in this book. This book had a faster pace than the others in the series, this was because there was also action; Raff and Lilly spent most of the book on the run. However, it wasn’t my favourite. I liked Raff and Lilly, however, I think their relationship went too fast, even for a Laurann Dohner book. I didn’t quite feel their connection like I have with previous couples.

It was still an enjoyable and sexy read, but it is probably my least favourite in the series.

If, like me, you like sci fi romance, then you definitely need to pick this series up. This isn’t the end, there is still a female member of the crew left single and I can’t wait to see what happens with her and there was also a bit of a plot twist at the end of Raff – don’t worry it doesn’t effect the HEA, it was a twist in the plot of the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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