“I think fans of Christina Lauren will still enjoy the writing as well as the laughs The Unhoneymooners gives its readers.”
~ Under the Covers

The Unhoneymooners is a romantic comedy filled with misconceptions and awkward moments between the hero, Ethan Thomas, and the heroine, Olive Torres. I found myself laughing in all the right places–however, Ethan’s behavior toward the end of the story left me wincing and wishing he had reacted differently during a pivotal moment.

Let’s back up a bit…

Olive’s twin sister, Ami, is getting married to Dane—who is also Ethan’s brother. Olive and Ethan barely tolerate one another, but have to interact during the wedding ceremony. Then, the entire wedding party (with the exception of Olive and Ethan) come down with food poisoning. The honeymoon trip to Maui is non-refundable AND non-transferable.

So…you can guess what happens next, right?

Ethan and Olive step in and take the trip to Maui, both thinking they can avoid one another and still have a great time in beautiful Hawaii.
HAH—Of course, things don’t work out like they’d planned. Ethan and Olive are forced to endure each other’s company, trapped in the lie of pretending to be married so they won’t be asked to leave the resort (Non-transferable, remember?). Throw in a sleazy ex-girlfriend and Olive’s new boss staying at the same hotel? That’s when it started to fall apart for me. Too coincidental.

Add in the fact that Dane, Ami’s new husband, is a total douche canoe. Loser. Asshole. Jerkwad. CHEATER.

And when Olive finds out Dane has been cheating on her sister—that’s when the shit gets real.

Ethan believes Olive has misread the entire situation. Even when Dane hits on Olive.

Umm…That’s a big, fat NO from me, Karen.

Overall, I don’t think The Unhoneymooners was a horrible read. In fact, it had some really epic moments along the way. I loved the family connection Olive had with her family. I loved the arguments between Olive and Ethan and how their relationship grew over time. I loved the fact that Olive grew as a person and owned her mistakes she’d made in the past. I just think the story fell short of MY expectations in regards to how a hero should react in the climax of the story.

However, I think fans of Christina Lauren will still enjoy the writing as well as the laughs The Unhoneymooners gives its readers. And I will definitely continue to read their books in the future, despite my lack of enthusiasm over Ethan as a romantic hero.



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  1. That would fall short in the same area for me as well which is s a shame because ethan and olive sound fun together.