“OUTMATCHED is a fun and lighthearted read.”
~ Under the Covers

Sometimes you just need a little extra push to pick up a book that you’ve been wanting to read.  That’s the case with OUTMATCHED.  I bought this when it came out back in November and then it’s just been sitting.  But I decided to pick it up this month because it’s the book of the month for the Romancetheque Book Club.

OUTMATCHED is a fun and lighthearted read. Some of it was funny and some of it was cute. The heroine is super smart and to get her promotion at work she has to show she’s got a stable boyfriend because she works in an environment with plenty of male toxicity. So she decides to hire someone to be her fake boyfriend and instead she gets her perfect candidate’s brother. An ex-fighter and the complete opposite to everything she wants.⁠

While this is not to say it’s a perfect book it was very entertaining. I had fun while reading it and breezed right through it in one sitting.⁠  It’s one of those really easy, fast books to read.  There’s quick chemistry between the main characters, definitely opposites attract.  But there’s also a lot that will rub you the wrong way when it comes to what the heroine is dealing with at work.  The investor she’s trying to impress is a major ass, not only to her but to the hero.

But if you’re looking for a good pick me up kind of book, this should fit the bill.  I can’t say it’s entirely too memorable or unforgettable but I had fun reading this cute story.


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