“THE VANISHING was interesting because I both liked things about it and others felt it lacked something.”
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Starting the year strong with following my goals and resolutions, I’m going to be reading more romantic suspense.  And a small trope in that genre is a romantic suspense where the characters have psychic abilities.  I really tend to enjoy those because they’re the perfect light blend of romantic suspense and paranormal romance.  I picked this up because the premise of this series sounds really interesting.  The residents of the town of Fogg Lake where all exposed to a chemical explosion in a local cave may years ago.  This was due to a government experiment with things of the paranormal variety and as a result of the gases that leaked, the residents of the town got psychic abilities.  A few generations later, two teenage girls where spending the night in the caves as a rite of passage for their age and they ended up witnessing a murder.

They both moved away from their small town and opened a private investigation company when one of them goes missing.  Kidnapped.  Now our heroine has to find her friend before it’s too late and the only person who can help her works for the Foundation.   They oversee and regulate paranormals and psychic activity and the people of Fogg Lake don’t trust them.  Catalina and Slate have to work fast to find her friend Olivia before the people that were behind that murder in the caves kill her too.

This was my first time reading Jayne Ann Krentz (that I can remember).  I’ve been wanting to read her books for a while!  THE VANISHING was interesting because I both liked things about it and others felt it lacked something.  The psychic aspect is fun and I think as far as incorporating that into the mystery was well done.  I was definitely investted in the investigation and the outcome.  I wanted to find Olivia and uncover the secrets of what is going on with the two women, the town of Fogg Lake and Slate’s background and past as well.  What I think wasn’t done as flawlessly as I wanted is the romance.  It felt a bit like at some point the author decided these two characters were supposed to have some kind of romantic connection more than halfway in and BAM! Something had to happen.  It all felt out of left field and I almost wished there wouldn’t have been a romance at that point.  Either that or the connection between them should’ve been woven better and with more chemistry throughout the story.

That being said, I enjoyed the mystery and I would probably read another one of these books at some point.



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  1. I was wondering about this book. Ive been wanting to read this author too so maybe I’ll start with a different book.

  2. Glad you were able to try her books and enjoyed this one. I’ve only read four or five including this one, but I’ve notice that the going from zero to seventy on the romance being crammed in at some point seems to be the way of it. Some are more smooth than others, but yes, the suspense and the partnering to solve the mystery are the strong points.