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“While the romance bit in this book was sweet, the action and suspense were more prominent. ”  ~ Under the Covers

In this installment, the factions including the witches, weres, shifters, and the Wird sisters attend a gathering. Mainly to discuss a plan to protect Celia and her unborn child who is prophesied to save the world. Unfortunately, there is evil within the ranks and there will be a betrayal that will put everyone in grave danger.

Of flame and Fury is the best of the Flame (sub)series and one of my favorites in the Weird Girls series. Cecy Robson did a great job. This one is even more exciting than the previous book.

Taran takes the reins and steps up while Celia takes a step back. While Taran had many internal battles, she rose to the occasion and stepped up her game. She has grown so much from the no filter, loud mouth and hot-tempered girl that she is. She has matured quite a bit, honed her powers, and she is not afraid to use it. She pretty much rocked it. One thing about Taran when it comes to protecting her loved ones, she will do anything and everything for them. In this book, you will see exactly what she is caple of.

While the romance bit in this book was sweet, the action and suspense were more prominent. I’m not complaining, it was non stop action. I’m just catching my breath from one scene and another will come right at you. I enjoyed it all. What I loved most was getting a tidbit of Misha and Aric, my most favorite characters in this series. Getting that glimpse of them pretty much rocked my world. LOL. There’s also a nice set up for the next subseries and we finally get Em’s story. From what I read, it looks like there might be some angst coming our way.


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  1. I saw that these are available in paperback so I may have to get back into this series. I used to really enjoy it.