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ARC Review: Fated by Liza James
Book Info

Released: March 25 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romance

“…ultimately it didn’t deliver a dark romance, which is what I had signed up for.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been picking up more paranormal books in my search for something new and exciting.  That also means trying new authors. I wanted to try this book because it was marketed as a dark paranormal romance and I just had to see if there was a book out there that could push my limits on the dark aspect.  Plus PNR!  Well, that’s not quite what this was for me and sadly I was disappointed.

While this starts out with a nice dark, creepy scene and I was hoping that set the tone for this book a bit more, I quickly realized we were not going down that road.  First, you may already know my dislike for fated mates stories.  Dislike may be too strong, maybe they’re just not my favorite.  And I can get behind a hero that fights the pull from his mate.  No problem.  But I have to draw the line at purposely cheating.

I never got to like either one of the main characters.  Elijah is just a jerk in so many ways and I found nothing redeemable about him to make me like him.  And then Luna was quite weak as a female lead.  A bit whiny as well.  Then we have the side characters.  My dislike for Luna’s sister was through the roof.  I definitely won’t be reading a next book about her.  I think the only redeeming character in this for me was Nathaniel.  I found him quite interesting and would’ve liked to know more about him.

FATED never went deeper into the story.  It’s very character driven and delved superficially in the world building.  And ultimately it didn’t deliver a dark romance, which is what I had signed up for.



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