“Not too emotional, not too romantic.  Maybe that could make it also a little bland.”
~ Under the Covers

This is Lori Wilde’s women’s fiction debut. I’ve read her contemporary romances in the past and they’ve always had a very sweet undertone so I was definitely looking forward to this one.  It delivered some of what I was looking for and other things I wish it would’ve developed more.  It certainly is a good WF book for romance readers though.

This book centers around 3 sisters who were raised by their grandmother in a small beach town.  They were extremely close until one of them was almost getting married and another sister decided to show her how bad her fiance was by kissing him and letting her see he didn’t care for her.  Things backfired and the sisters went their separate ways from there and haven’t spoken.  But they’re all called in to come back to town when their grandmother is diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo surgery.  All those unresolved issues are still there even all those years and full lives later.

This is a good beach read, it’s a laid back book with just a touch of angst.  Not too emotional, not too romantic.  Maybe that could make it also a little bland.  But it’s an easygoing story and sometimes I’m just in the mood for that.  I liked learning about each sister’s life and they’d certainly had adventures.  But I think the issues where not worked through in a way that felt believable to me.

Then we have the romance.  There’s one main sister that we get to see the romance developing.  I wish we could’ve seen a little more on the other two.  But on the one we saw, it relied heavily on the fact that the connection between the main characters was there.  There’s also a fake dating trope with them that moved so quickly from friends to I love yous. I usually enjoy when the story relies on that backstory when I read a novella.  But when it’s a full length book, even in women’s fiction, I would like to see more of how that connection can go from step 1 to step 2, if that makes sense.  And I think that was lacking in this book.

Overall, this was an enjoyable and pretty quick read.  I loved the beach setting and the small town, the town’s friends and how they rally around them.  The sense of community. It was a solid first book in this genre for Lori Wilde.



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  1. I’m not ok with it when family members resorting to what one sister did to prevent the other from marrying, so I’ll pass but thank you for sharing your thoughts.