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“…it’s fantastic, emotional and erotic, with some bursts of witty humour…”
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When Letty Carmichael glimpses her high school tormentor, the bully that made her life hell for years culminating in a long hospital stay when he and his friends drive her off a cliff, she thinks she must be having a nightmare. Only she isn’t, Tate Sullivan is on campus and in her classes, but this time he’s…different. Letty expects him to start torturing her immediately, only he doesn’t he seems to want to be friends  and when they are assigned to do a project together on sex in the cinema, things start to heat up.

I can’t believe I am actually singing the praises of a New Adult book, yet here I am shouting to the rooftops about Never Sweeter, a book that I read cover to cover in one sitting, I wasn’t able to tear my eyes away, I hope Stein is proud of herself! If not, she should be. I love this book, almost as much as I loved the first book in the series Never Loved. 

I’m lucky enough not to have been bullied, at least not the extent that Letty was tortured, so I can’t really decide if this book is a victim of bullying’s worse nightmare or dream come true. Stein, certainly did a great job of showing Letty’s trust issues due to her bullying, she trusted no one, male or female, didn’t believe anyone would really want to be her friend and she was always tense and waiting for someone reveal the trick they were playing on her. As her relationship with Tate progresses, she builds up more confidence, but it was heart rending to her permanently on survival mode. spacer

It was hard to reconcile the cruel bully that Tate had been in high school to the cute, almost goofy guy he was in this book, that’s perhaps why I was able to forgive him for such horrible past misdeeds so early. His clear regret and his deep shame for his actions also helped, as well as the gentle way he treats her. And then there was how damn sexy he was. How sexy Letty and Tate were together, no one quite writes sex like Stein does, this was a very erotic New Adult book. Tate was a dirty talker and maaaaaan that was hot, in fact everything they did together was knicker melting, but also with such an emotional intensity that I couldn’t help but get caught up.

I begrudgingly love this book and this series, despite being New Adult, it’s fantastic, emotional and erotic, with some bursts of witty humour from the banter between Letty and Tate. I can’t wait to read more of this series and see what Stein comes up with next.

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