This book really melted my heart…
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JT McKinney, not only lost his leg in a car accident, but also his hopes of having a pro football career, but he has managed to make a life for himself creating new and innovative prosthetic limbs…on the other side of the country from his family. Single mum Paige, works two jobs as well as taking classes, which is determined to stick to her plan to get her and her daughter Casey a better life. Meeting JT was never in the plan, but she can’t seem to resist him, his kindness or his kisses.

We have come to the last single McKinney sibling, JT, the youngest in the bunch. Like the previous two books in the series, it was really sweet, these are definitely books to read if you want good-guy type of hero, they may be a little broody at times, but they have no real darkness in them.

This book really melted my heart as we see the JT fall not only in love with Paige, but with her cute as hell little girl, Casey, as well. Casey also has had her leg amputated below the knee, and has done from birth, and seeing Casey and JT bond and hear her share her little girl fears about being the only girl with one leg was adorable and pulled at the heart strings. And seeing JT responding and encouraging her made me love him all the more. No wonder Paige fell in love with him, he was like her knight in shining armour. Although I do like it when a heroine saves herself, I can’t deny that seeing JT wanting to take care of his girls when Paige is clearly exhausted was very endearing. And I liked how strong Paige was, she had her plan and no matter what she was going to ensure that her daughter would have the best life she could.

This book was both sweet and sexy and I really enjoyed seeing the last single McKinney male sweep his woman off her feet. I also liked that we checked in with all the others in the McKinney family and having some familiar characters in the background. I assume this is the end of this series as there are no singletons over the age of 16 left in the McKinney family, but whatever Claudia Connor does next, I am definitely going to try it out.


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