ARC Review: Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar

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ARC Review: Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar
Moti on the Water
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Released: August 13, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Recommended Read!

“If you’re looking for lovable characters, look no further.  ”
~ Under the Covers

It’s still Summer and what better books to read than ones that can take us on a vacation?  Hop aboard this yacht with Moti and her family!

Our heroine Moti is Indian and has lived her whole life with the pressure from her mother that she needed to fulfill the destiny set out for her in her birth chart.  This basically says that Moti’s one true love is a man with three thumbs and if she doesn’t marry this man her mother will die seven days later.  Also that Moti will die by drowning.  She always assumed this wouldn’t come to pass because how hard would it be to find a man with three thumbs!  But as they are embarking on a wonderful trip across the Greek Isles to celebrate Moti’s cousins’ wedding, turns out the best man for the wedding is that man with three thumbs and Moti needs to seduce him!  Of course life has other plans and instead of having sizzling chemistry with her three-thumbed man, Moti is fascinated by the gorgeous chef on the yacht.

First of all you should know that if there’s one way to describe this book is SWEET and FUNNY.  Moti is a quirky character that you can’t help but fall in love with from the very beginning.  Watching her be her true self with Alex was one of my favorite things.  They were so perfect together!  If you’re looking for lovable characters, look no further.

MOTI ON THE WATER is an endearing story of love and self discovery, we see a lot of character growth and overcoming fears and obstacles.  There’s a great sense of family that made the story even better.  And then there’s of course the travel and food aspect.  Beautiful locales and even more delicious food.  There’s a love and connection with food that Alex has that is special and really made his character even more unique.  I can’t praise this little gem enough and I think you won’t be able to put this down once you get started.



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