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“…a great women’s fiction author for romance readers.”
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Talk about strong female characters that make the most out of the life they where dealt.  As soon as this book starts I had a lot of admiration for Cassie.  She’s a female firefighter who’s worked hard to get the recognition in a field that is male dominated and women get very little respect.  But we quickly learn something that makes it obvious she’s developed that hard exterior for a reason and it just made me want to peel back the layers even more.  When she gets a call from her estranged mother who needs her help for a period of time because of some health concerns, Cassie has no choice but to leave her life in Texas behind and move in with her mom.  That also means taking a position at a new firehouse and having to earn the respect of a new group of firefighters that are predisposed to thinking less of women in the force.  Working twice as hard to prove she deserves a spot and that she’s one of the best at what she does.

I found Katherine Center last year when I read HOW TO WALK AWAY and our heroine here Cassie was the one that rescued the heroine of that book from the plane crash.  That’s where the connection ends.  But the message of a strong woman having to rebuild her life and learn many things about herself and how she relates to others around her was just as powerful in this book.  I may even go as far as to say I enjoyed this one a bit more than that one.  There was something special about all the facets of this story.  Cassie’s relationship with her mother, with her past, with her co-workers, with her inner self.  And then there’s the romance.  Because I will say that this author is a great women’s fiction author for romance readers.  Relationships and forgiveness.  That’s the biggest takeaways from this story.  And Ms. Center did them so well!

Quickly on the romance, while it’s not the biggest part of this book by any means, it is an integral part of what makes Cassie work through her own issues.  This healing process was emotional and heartbreaking, even when it didn’t come as a surprise for me at all.  THINGS YOU SAVE IN A FIRE is a story that will get you right in the heart.  I can’t wait for what she will write next.


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