“In this anthology, there’s a good one and a bad one. ”
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After reading another book of Samantha Chase, I was looking forward to trying out some novellas and who can resist some holiday-themed ones? I know I can’t! In this anthology, there’s a good one and a bad one.  The first story is called MISTLETOE BETWEEN FRIENDS and as you can guess, this is a story about two friends who pretend to be going out. Cameron Greene is quite the socially awkward guy and all his friends and family are trying to get him involved with some really nice ladies. Unfortunately for them, he has no interest at all in dating. As he gripes about this to his best friend Lily Cavanaugh, she suggests that they pretend go out so that people will finally leave him alone. Problem is, Lily is full of life and Cam is as dull as watching still water.

I’m sad to say that this story bored me. Cam is just so uninteresting that I actually felt bad for Lily. She’s known the guy for most of her life and has fallen in love with him, but the guy can’t even seem to hold her hand in private without making it feel awkward. The romance just didn’t flow for me. It was awkward and strange and Cam’s hang-ups really made me wonder what Lily saw in him in the first place. I almost wished she walk away from him and find someone else who isn’t such a bore. She deserves better!

The second story, however, was much better! THE SNOWFLAKE INN features Grace Brodie who is still kind of recovering from an accident and although she tries her best to stay in shape and keep those muscles well-oiled, she does have a little face-plant moment in front of a hot guy. Thankfully, the guy she previously saw as angry is actually really nice and helps her up and makes sure she is okay. What Grace doesn’t know is that Riley Walsh is actually the son of one of her good friend who is trying to get her to take over her Bed & Breakfast.

The romance in this story is much more solid and has the sweet and sexy vibe that I loved to see in my Holiday reads. Riley is delicious and in addition to seeing the romance bloom between him and Grace, I also really liked how the inn and his mother helped in bringing them together. It’s definitely a more heartwarming story, perfect paired with a cup of hot chocolate and a scarf!




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  1. I totally agree with your review. In fact, it was the second romance in the second novella that I really liked.

  2. Thanks for your review on the book. I have this on my tbr list of Christmas reads… I might get to it before the New Year..