“Lindsey offers us a series that’s both funny, heart warming with just a tiny pinch of danger and intrigue.”
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Mia Connors can’t seem to catch a break, just when she thought her life was back under her control…she discovers another body. This time it is an old friend of her Grandma’s, who she finds stabbed and drowned in the lake. Luckily she has connections in law enforcement, Deputy US Marshall Jake Archer, who may or may not be her boyfriend. Once again Mia gets thrown into the middle of a case, what could possibly go wrong?

Another day, another murder, poor Mia has the worse possible luck; however, her bad luck has gifted us with another charming book in the Geek Girl Mystery series. Although, I am not sure I would want to be an acquaintance of Mia’s, the chances are you’ll get murdered, I have really enjoyed reading about her diving head first in to all the cases.  Lindsey offers us a series that’s both funny, heart warming with just a tiny pinch of danger and intrigue. Perfect ingredients for kicking back and having some fun.

The quirky band of characters in this book, from Mia’s eccentric twin sister to some of the residents in the gated community where Mia works and lives, make these books warm and inviting. Whenever I open one up, I know I will be thrown into the familiar oddball chaos of Mia’s life and I look forward to it. Trundling along with Mia is half the reason I read the book, it always makes me smile, the other half is to see whodunit.

The mystery element of this book wasn’t that strong, I half guessed who the culprit was from the start, even if the reasons weren’t clarified right till the end. But, the more I read these books, the more the mystery becomes just another thread in Mia’s life. I’m reading not to just to find out who the murderer is but to discover, when Jake and Mia will finally have some time together, how Mia’s twin sister’s baby shower is going to go and what will happen in the romance between Mia’s two best friends. So, if you are after a serious thriller, you would need to look elsewhere.

I had great fun reading this, I highly recommend you give this series a go, it’s a quirky read that will leave you with a smile on your face.


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