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“This tale was full of action, magic and romance, not to mention Jim being a badass”
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It’s safe to say that the Kate Daniels series is a little obsession of mine. And when I say little I mean it is requirement of any friendship that you have a) read the books b) loved the books and once again Andrews demonstrates why I love this series so much by giving us a peek in to the life Jim and Dali, two of the characters in the Kate Daniels series. This tale was full of action, magic and romance, not to mention Jim being a badass:

Jim wasn’t just a badass. He was a badass who wrote a book for badasses on how to be a badder badass.

How can you not love that?

Andrews take us on a journey into a different kind of magic and it always leaves me in awe about how much research they must do to understand different cultures and their supernatural history and lore and then find a way to use them in her books. In Magic Steals we are introduced to Indonesian magic. Dali may be a half blind vegetarian, but she is also a white tiger with powerful magic, and is often called in to her community to help solve problems.

This time Jim tags along. If you have read the previous books (which you should. Now) then you already know they have a mutual attraction, so it isn’t surprising that they are dating. This book shows their very unusual courtship and I loved it. Ilona Andrews manages to pack in a ton of action, magic and romance in this novella and I found I couldn’t drag myself away.

Another winner for me, I would love to see more Dali and Jim novellas or even a full length; however, I haven’t heard any rumours, but I do live in hope!


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