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“I felt as if I was an intimate insider.”
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What an amazing sequel. You must read His Royal Secret first before diving in to His Royal Favorite.  I am so happy that Lilah Pace only spaced a month between these releases.  At the end of the first installment, James, the Prince of Wales is coming out as gay, with his boyfriend, Ben, at his side.  In His Royal Favorite, we get to see the fallout of this decision: the angst of family politics, the relentless and often cruel paparazzi, even the personal difficulty Ben has with giving up his loner and nomadic life for one under a constant spotlight.  There is a lovely subplot regarding James’ sister, Indigo, which I loved.  As we saw in the first book, she suffers from extreme anxiety and the need to self-harm.  Her journey towards recovery is documented here as well.

As I believe I said in the first review, Pace’s descriptions of the royal family, their lives, their surroundings, come off and extremely genuine and well researched.  I felt as if I was an intimate insider.  The dialog between the royals, the pomp and formality is all so well done.  This books is super angsty.  You can feel Ben’s pain, his hesitancy, and James’ regret for putting him through so much.  I loved that both men are mature and truly want what’s best for each other.  There’s no jerky behavior, nor my least favorite tactic of pushing the one you love so far away that it’s cruel.  James is a character I just LOVED, for his gallantry, his love of family, his genuine goodness.  Ben is a character those of us on the outside can relate to.  Of course, the sex was again, super hot, but well placed and not overdone.  You never feel that it takes center stage over the fast paced storyline.  There is a definite HEA for these two.  I wish Indigo had had a spin-off of her own!  I do think there is more to be done with this family as I’m really not ready to say goodbye yet.




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