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“ARCANA RISING will make your heart race.”
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ARCANA RISING picks up where DEAD OF WINTER left off and that is a world of heartbreak and despair.  I will try to make this review completely spoiler free just in case you haven’t read the series yet, in which case you need to move your butt and get started.  Now lets get into what I really liked about this book.

ARCANA RISING will make your heart race. It’s packed with enough action and desolate settings to keep you on the edge of your seat and lets not mistake this for just another young adult story.  This series is intense and ARCANA RISING is just upping the stakes in the game.  I also found that the sense of instability and distrust that filled up the moments when the action would die down, carried the urgency for me to continue reading at break-neck speed.

And let’s be honest here.  I’ve long been a Jack girl throughout this series, but in the last book my confusion began.  DAY ZERO only pushed that along until I was completely lost in what outcome I wanted.  ARCANA RISING shows no answers for me.  I’m still torn.  I understand Evie’s struggle because making a choice between two perfect men is not easy and I haven’t made mine.  Death is EVERYTHING in this book.  I anticipated every second we got to see him and I longed for him to feel happiness.  And yet, there were still times that I would try and find the clue as to his betrayal.  Because it must be coming, right?

I wish I could say I loved Evie throughout this book, however that’s not necessarily the case.  After a while of seeing her wallow in her love for two people and her heartbreak at not knowing what happened to either of them, she was starting to get on my nerves a bit.  I long for the day when she truly takes charge with a vengeance.  But since I don’t want to give spoilers away I’m going to leave it at that.

While she wasn’t my favorite thing of this reading experience, the story absolutely was.  It didn’t let up and things progressed nicely in the overall story arc.  There is a sense of urgency throughout this book as the game escalates, alliances are forged and trusts are challenged.  I honestly loved questioning everyone’s motives, I expect betrayal at every turn and I’ve become quite jaded.  Just when I start to warm up to someone’s character, my instincts tell me not to trust them.  And I think Ms. Cole is doing a good job creating that sense of distrust that is the only thing still making this game play out.

I know you probably want to know if Jack lives, and quite frankly I won’t give a damn thing away.  You can read this book and suffer along with me.  And when I say suffer, I mean Kresley Cole likes to torture us.  I should forewarn you about the cliffhanger.  The DAMN CLIFFHANGER!  One of those wanting to throw the kindle across the room moments for sure.  When I read that last bit and then …. the end…. I was more than a little upset.  I’m not sure how I can possibly wait eight months!  Eight.Full.Months to know what happens next.  If you’re ready to be in the same state as I’m in now, then read on.  I don’t think you’ll find a more exciting series.

Favorite Quotes:

This might be the most noble thing I’ve ever done.  Noble, for the record, cuts like a blade to the heart.

“I am a planet off its axis.”

Voice rough with lust, he said, “I have one treasure.”  He slowed, pinning my gaze with his starry one.  “And she owns my soul.”




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