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” It was an interesting read with a unique set of characters, which left me wanting more.”
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Each year Honors are chosen from the human population, normally the highly educated and elite, to travel with the Leviathan, a race of sentient space ships. In the not so distant past Leviathan saved the human race from self-destruction and now each year they take the Honors on a year-long tour of the universe. Living outside the law and surviving any way she can Zara Cole is the last person anyone expected to be chosen to be an Honor. However, after a crime that has more severe consequences than she expected Zara needs to escape Earth. However, she never expected that living with Nadim, the Leviathan she is paired with, would start to feel like home. However, there may be darker and more sinister reasons as to why the Leviathan saved the human race…

It’s my mission this year to read more Young Adult and discovering that Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre had written a YA Sci-Fi, I knew I had to get my hands all over it, especially as it had such a beautiful cover. Of course a beautiful cover can hide a multitude of sins, in the case of Honor Among Thieves this wasn’t the case. It was an interesting read with a unique set of characters, which left me wanting more.

It was told from Zara’s point of view and one of the aspects I like most about this book was seeing her character journey. Admittedly, at the beginning her callous and hard exterior is difficult to connect to and like. However, the more you understand about her and her painful past the more relatable she becomes. And as she connects with Nadim and a few other characters she begins to reveal a softer side and, by the end of the book I realised my opinion of her had shifted.

This book was also a bit of a slow starter, with Caine and Aguirre revealing the world at a sedate pace. This all changes once Zara starts the Tour and more and more hidden truths are revealed and the pace of the book shifts up a few gears. Or maybe I was just reading a lot faster, I couldn’t wait to see what secrets the Leviathan were hiding from humans and how it would affect Zara, Nadim and crew.

Although this book doesn’t have an immediate hook it is worth reading on, it was a really interesting idea with some complex and intriguing characters, including one giant sentient living space ship! I now can’t wait to get my hands on the next book, although it didn’t end on a cliff hanger it certainly stopped just as the action was starting rev up.


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