“Ms. Ashley writes wonderful MC romance stories that captivate.”
~ Under the Covers

It is always a pleasure to write a review when being given the opportunity to read an arc of a release for Kristen Ashley. As one of the top three favorite authors she never disappoints.

Rough Ride is a novella in the Chaos series. Ms. Ashley writes wonderful MC romance stories that captivate. Snapper the hero in this story has been in love with the heroine Rosalie for quite some time and has had to bide his time for the perfect opportunity. Rosalie has suffered much in her life and the time has finally come where someone will keep her safe and treasure her heart. As usual I could have taken a lot more of Miss Ashley’s storytelling as I love it and enjoy it so much. It’s a quick read there is very little I can say as I want this to be spoiler free. The ending without being a true cliffhanger, does leave several questions and offers openings for other characters to have their own story, yippee more of Chaos is yet to come and i can never get enough lol. Gimme gimme.

Rough Ride can be read as a standalone but for more enjoyment I do recommend you commence with the first release in the chaos series. For the best experience visit her Author site recommended reading order list, and start there you will not be sorry you did.



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My dad had been a biker. He was a nomad when it came to that kind of thing (or, really, any kind of thing). He accepted being tied down by his woman and his daughter only, not anything else. Not a job. Not a mortgage. Not a membership to a club. He hung with a lot of them, including Chaos (in fact, Hammer, sadly now deceased, but one of the founding members of Chaos, had been my father’s best friend).

But he’d never hung with Bounty.

“Don’t like the feel of them,” I’d heard him mutter years ago. “If you’re an outlaw, own the outlaw. If you’re not, own that. You can’t wanna be a Gypsy Joker. You either are or you aren’t. They wanna be. But they aren’t. That shit just ain’t right and it could get dangerous.”

He’d been right.

It got dangerous.

I should have known.

I should have followed my dad.

Mom and me had done it all our lives, job to job, house to house, city to city.

Why I stopped…


I knew why I’d stopped.

I’d wanted Shy; Shy, who reminded me of Dad.

And when I couldn’t have him, I’d gone looking.

I’d wanted what my mom had.

I’d wanted that sweetness. That love.

That devotion.

I’d wanted the stability that just seeped down deep into your bones from all that no matter the job changing, the scenery changing, the amount of times you boxed up a house.

Stability had nothing to do with income and locale.

Stability was all in the heart.



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  1. I think I’m the only reader on Earth who has not read Kristen yet. Ugh. I hear only wonderful things. Will rectify asap. Thanks for the review!