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“Nate and Becca are so worth the wait!”
~ Under the Covers

I have been waiting seems like forever to read Nate and Becca’s story.  Their romance developed throughout the Brooklyn Bruisers series and sort of in the background.  In fact, in the last book we knew something was going on but weren’t privvy to the information.  We finally get their story and.. Nate and Becca are so worth the wait!

First of all, I loved the fact that we go back in time to when Nate and Becca first met each other.  Becca has been working for Nate for many years by the time book one starts and we’ve only known him as a super successful billionaire.  But there was something special and endearing about seeing Nate for the smart and driven geek that he was.  It made me appreciate all the more the fact that he hasn’t really let success change him fundamentally and to understand how his feelings for Becca developed.  Basically… I just fell HARD for Nate.

This is more than an office romance, it’s also a friends to lovers.  These two were close and cared for each other before any sexual attraction got in the way.  They’ve been there for each other through some ups and downs.  It was so rewarding to see them finally act on long buried feelings and then when that seal is broken all bets are off.

It’s never easy to read a story that is so highly anticipated because there’s always some apprehension whether the author will meet everyone’s expectations.  And everyone probably has different ones.  But I think Ms. Bowen managed to deliver the perfect story for the characters and it was so satisfying in the end.  I loved every second of it.

Brooklynaire is fun, sexy and even a little humorous.  This is my favorite in the series just as I was expecting it to be.  Nate can beat all those sexy hockey players in my book any day, whether he’s wearing a suit or jeans and hoodie.  What are you waiting for?  You need this story in your life!



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  1. Fabulous review Francesca!!! Love this cover!! On my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!