“Full of action and emotion and all the characters we have come to know and love (or loath)”
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I recently recommended this book in an If You Love This… post, now, after reading the sixth book in the series, I definitely stand by my recommendation. Kit Colbana hasn’t had life easy and in the latest book life decides to come back and kick her in the teeth again. There are mounting threats from her evil grandmother, a menacing presence in the Assembly and lingering trauma from her abuse at the hands of Jude, the vampire who kidnapped abused and raped her. Only, unlike before, she now has friends at her back who are willing to back her up and do whatever it takes to protect her. Especially a certain alpha cat. Not to mention the witches and even some of the vampires have her back. Now Kit just needs to learn to accept it.

I really liked Haunted Blade there are so many things that appeal to me about this book and this series. I love the heroine and the characters surrounding her and I love the world. Nothing changed about that when I read this. But, before I start singing their praises I need to get the negative out the way.

The plot for this one seemed a little slammed together and jumpy. It didn’t smoothly transition from thing to the next. Things would just…happen and I would happily go along for the ride. I would be in one place with Kit, to suddenly jump somewhere else abruptly and I wouldn’t realise until a paragraph in that the scene had changed. Now some of this may be because I had an ARC and it isn’t all perfectly set up with line breaks etc to let a reader know that scene has ended and another one has begun. However, I believe even with those indicators sometime a scene felt unfinished. Basically, Haunted Blade seemed to have lost some of the polish present in the previous books.

Although the above points stopped me from giving me top stars, that didn’t mean that I didn’t really enjoy this book. The characters and relationships within the Kit Colbana series are really strong and in the case of Haunted Blade it carried the book. Especially Kit, she’s been through a lot in her life, not much of it good and Daniels does a great job of infusing her books with genuine emotional pain and trauma. I’m not a fan of angst in general, all the whining just annoys me, but Daniels manages to do it in a way where it feels less like angst and self-pity and more like real life pain.

Even though this wasn’t the best in the Kit Colbana series, it was still a really good book. Full of action and emotion and all the characters we have come to know and love (or loath) throughout the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next!



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  1. I have the ebook copy of this book and I agree; it is not up to the caliber of the earlier books and have put it aside to finish later. I could accept the scene jumps but am having a harder time with the typos at the start of the book. He and the have totally different meanings. 🙂