“…what I’ve come to love about this series was missing from this one.”
~ Under the Covers

Let’s start by saying that I am usually a bit fan of this series and I was giddy with excitement to start this book.  Honestly, I kinda wanted a different character to get their book next instead of this one but I went with the flow and trusted that the author would make me love this anyway.  And at first, full disclaimer, I did.

The hero of this story is the brother of the Demon Highlander we met previously in the series.  If you’ve been reading in order you’ll know they didn’t have an easy childhood and I was expecting him to have a darkness about himself.  In the end, what I’ve come to love about this series was missing from this one.  I found Gavin just wanted to never have to be related to his past.  To disassociate.  But there was little to no ruthlessness and in fact he was quite a nice guy.  Yes, I’m complaining he wasn’t bad.  I know.  That’s crazy.  But that is one of the things that I look forward to in this series and I felt it wasn’t the focus here.

The heroine has an interesting journey.  She’s American and married to a criminal, part of his brother’s sort of gang.  On one of their “jobs” robbing a passenger train, which was supposed to be their last, she made the decision of killing her husband to protect a woman’s life.  That same woman was meant to travel to Scotland to claim her family’s land and preferred not to.  So she made Samantha a proposal she couldn’t refuse.  She could impersonate her and go claim her land, live there as her for as long as she needed safe refuge.

While I liked Gavin and Samantha as a couple, and they had the believed past bad blood between their families to overcome, I found them a bit too bland and couldn’t really get as invested as I usually do with these couples.  They were still fun to read about, don’t get me wrong.  But I kept waiting for more that didn’t come.

I am still a fan and anxious for the next installment.  Hopefully it’ll give me everything I’m hoping for.  However, if you like a sweet and sexy Scottish romance you should still put this one on your list.




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  1. I’m sorry this one didn’t quite live up to your expectations. I don’t think this series is for me. While I love a grumpy hero, these days I just don’t like mean heroes. And I’m not sure I would like the heroine either. Hopefully the next one will be amazing.

  2. I agree with quinn in that this series isn’t for me. I don’t know what it is, bit I just don’t connect with these characters nor do I get that deep connection between themselves.