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“…its fantastic mix of thriller, romance and a dash of family drama has me hooked.”
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When a young mother disappears Morgan Dane is drawn into the case when the husband asks for her help. He has asked for Morgan to help prove his innocence so the real culprit can be caught. Morgan quickly ropes in Lance Kruger her almost boyfriend and private investigator to help track down the missing woman. However, when a killer realises she is on the trail things soon start to become dangerous not just for Morgan, but for her family as well.

This series has become one of my favourites of 2017, its fantastic mix of thriller, romance and a dash of family drama has me hooked. The second in the series has Morgan and Lance trying to track down a missing young woman who has two small children and a desperately worried husband at home waiting for her. We get to watch as Morgan and Lance work together, the obvious affection and attraction present throughout, with it flaring into passionate moments – keeping the romance junkie in me very happy.

But, it wasn’t just the romance junkie that was happy, I loved the thriller elements present in Her Last Goodbye not only was it quite tense, especially in the last half of the book where everything starts coming to a head, it also keeps you guessing. Although admittedly my guess at the beginning of the book about who the perpetrator was was half right. But I didn’t know the full story and Leigh’s version was much better than the possibilities circling my head.

This was another great book in the series, for those readers who like a thriller the Morgan Dane is something to pick up. And, if you also a romance reader wanting to branch out and maybe try something a little different from the usual bikers and billionaires then you need to give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. I have too agree that this stort is well written; the mystery, the love interest, and the family dynamic make are very well balanced and flow very well together