“This book has the trademark steam I’ve come to expect from Santino Hassell.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m going to admit that Caleb’s character has never really been all that interesting to me.  He’s David’s ex boyfriend and the way he’s portrayed in the previous books always seemed like a dud.  I was pleasantly surprised that I saw such a different side of him in this book that I was able to get invested in his story and actually like and understand the guy.

Caleb comes from a wealthy family and he’s not a kid anymore but he still struggles with his family’s expectations and not wanting to disappoint them.  Coming out to them was a big step, but he’s always had something missing in his life and he’s not quite sure what that is until he stumbles into a relationship with Oli.  Oli is the opposite of Caleb.  He understands the world Caleb comes from because he left it all behind to live his life the way he wanted.

It was nice and refreshing seeing a more mature character (late thirties) that is still coming to terms with who he was.  While Caleb dated before, he needed someone like Oli to push him out of his comfort zone in a way that still felt natural and safe.   I think this was a much better match that David could ever have been for him.  Oli was a force to be reckoned with throughout the book.  He bulldozed through Caleb’s insecurities and conditioning to do what’s expected of him.  To let loose and find what truly makes him happy.  It made for a great story and even better chemistry.  This book has the trademark steam I’ve come to expect from Santino Hassell.

I enjoyed both of these characters a lot (even if I did Oli a bit more than Caleb) and the path that this can open up in the series with exploring more alternative lifestyles.  I’m definitely looking forward to more of that and more of Ashton.

Favorite quote:

“Just be yourself,” Oli said easily. “Even if it’s the you that you’re normally too afraid to be.”




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