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“Feels Like the First Time had lots of drama, town gossip and a whole lot of feels to the story. ”
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Hawk and Ali have had a specials feelings for each other long before they became romantic. Circumstance prevented them from realizing what they want and acting on these feelings is a whole different story. When Ali’s sister, Hawk’s ex-wife comes home, it triggers a response to their well-kept feelings.

I was a little skittish about this book because of my reservations on how the hero and heroine know each other. You see, Hawk and Ali’s sister were married, now divorced. Yes, this made me feel awkward. I didn’t like that situation, but let me assure you that the supporting circumstances made their love story work. You’ll quickly see that Hawk and Ali belong to each other and their happy-ever-after was quite sweet.

Just when I thought there might be a book that I won’t like, Adair proves me wrong. As I read on, my adoration for the heroine and my swooning over the hero increases. Hawk is super sweet and I adore him, as well as the people in this small town. Ali’s dad for one. I love how he knew for some time how Hawk felt for Ali but pretty much minded his business. I disliked Ali’s sister Bridget. Her looming past relationship with Halk bugged me to no ends and I hated that she made Ali feel insecure. But I suppose she was a good villain and created a good conflict to the story. Luke and Kennedy, the couple from the previous book got plenty of page time. I love that Marina always incorporates the secondary characters well into the main story.

Overall, another great read from Marina Adair. Feels Like the First Time had lots of drama, town gossip and a whole lot of feels to the story. I’ll say it again, she has not failed me yet.





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  1. Great! I read crazy for you by jennifer crusie that I enjoyed. It has a similar situation between the H/H minus the villainous sister so I’ll have to check this out.