“I’ll have to think about picking up another book by this author, maybe we just aren’t a good fit.”
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I picked this up on a whim because I was in the mood for a single father story and this one had such good reviews.  I admit when I first started it, everything was going well and I was getting interested.  But then things started to go south.  I’m not sure if it’s just the characters, or if the authors’ style isn’t for me.  Maybe I’ll try another book to determine that.  However, this one just didn’t work.

This is a story of opposites attract.  Andrew is a mechanic, owns his own shop, lives in Jersey and is raising his daughter alone after his ex disappeared from their life because she didn’t want the responsibility of being a parent.  Being a father is his biggest, and at times only, role in life.  Sadie on the other hand is his sister’s boss.  She’s got money, she dresses to perfection, she’s refined, and she’s going through a divorce after finding her husband cheating on her.  They decide to have a one night stand but things quickly escalate from there.

Sadly, I never really felt more of a connection between these two than just the physical aspect.  With so many obstacles they would have to overcome, I didn’t buy that they would put in what’s needed to make their relationship work in the end.  Also, I really never warmed up to Sadie.  I often disliked her even.  And while Andrew had moments when he was cute, for the most part he got on my nerves too.

I continued reading hoping I would feel different, but that never came.  I still didn’t like the characters!  I’ll have to think about picking up another book by this author, maybe we just aren’t a good fit.


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  1. Thank you for your review,if I don’t like the characters, I will stop reading the book. Shared on all my socials!