“…if you like angst, then this book packs it in spades!”
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I’m going to be honest here.  I have read Tarryn Fisher before and I couldn’t finish the book.  While I know everyone loves her, that particular book wasn’t for me because the character in that book felt very dry and disconnected.  But when this book came out it had all the marks of something I would absolutely love.  I mean, come on, the title alone was enough to have me one clicking!

Here’s what I’ve come to realize.  That dry and disconnected feel followed me into this book.  Tarryn Fisher’s writing is engaging and can get you interested enough in the story that you can’t help but want to know how things will end.  And in this case, it was a neverending gloom of “how is she ever going to fix this?” one after another.  I just didn’t get any highs!  And again, I felt a bit like that with her other work, so I’m assuming at this point it is in the style of writing.  I’m sure this works for some, but not so much for me.  However, I still enjoyed my time reading F*CK LOVE, I am just a bit disappointed it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Now onto the story.  Our heroine, Helena, has a dream at the very beginning of this book in which she is happily married to her best friend’s boyfriend.  They even have a baby together.  The dream is so real and so life altering for her that it changes how she looks at Kit.  From almost not even noticing him before to ….. “Look at me I’m the mother of your child and I love you!”  It becomes sort of an obsession, or maybe it’s just the thing she needed to realize that Kit is perfect for her.  Because they are really good together from the little bit that we can see.  There’s a lot of lows in the path to this HEA and not too many highs.  Even the highs for me weren’t enough.  But if you like angst, then this book packs it in spades!  For me, it has to have something else to complement that.

On the point of cheating, there’s no physical cheating but obviously a deep emotional connection while the characters are with other people.  If that’s something that bothers you, then you may not like that.  This particular point didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would’ve although I didn’t understand why this dragged on for so long when it was easily understood that Helena and Kit loved each other.

I felt that the first part of the story while Helena is still dating her boyfriend Neil read like a new adult voice but somewhere along the way as things progress and get more serious that voice also changes to a more contemporary romance.  I still classify this as new adult as it is a journey of finding yourself a bit and it very much falls into something in the genre.

In the end, I just couldn’t connect.  Going back to my first point.  Dry and disconnected.  While this is told from Helena’s POV and you can expect to know her obviously more than Kit, I thought that by the end we would dig a little deeper into his character.  Everything about him is subdued and I don’t think he’s ever really fleshed out enough for me to really know him.  What does he feel?  Why is he so reserved in how he talks about his emotions?  There’s so much that isn’t said because one is expecting the other to talk.  It just felt like pulling teeth to get any information out of him especially, and in the end I just didn’t care enough.

There’s a character the author introduces towards the end of the story and although the way she wrote one particular scene threw me for a loop, I wonder if there was a bigger purpose to adding the character in because I didn’t see much of one.   Maybe a future book?  At this point, I am not sure I will try again.  But I have been known to be lured in by the shiny so you never know!



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  1. I thought that I wanted to read this, but now I’m thinking not. Thanks for your honest opinion.

  2. The character you’re referring to was mentioned in her last book Marrow. Bringing him up again does make you wonder.

    1. Oh that’s good to know! Thanks for clarifying that since that’s not the one other book I read by her. 🙂 I am very curious because it was almost like a tease to something else to come for me. I don’t think it needed really to be included for this story.