” I had a lot of trouble investing into the romance.”
~ Under the Covers

After escaping the small town in Iowa he grew up in to go to college, Jack never thought he would return. Only he managed to screw that up and is facing expulsion for bullying. He can’t work which is worse, seeing his screwed up family or his best friend and the only guy he has ever loved, Miguel. Not expecting any kindness from his ex, Jack is surprised when he offers him a job in the cafe he runs for him family. As Jack and Miguel start to close again, tempers flare as old hurts come to the surface, but pain isn’t the only thing that is between them, love and desire also make appearance, but can they rekindle their relationship when it seems inevitable one of them will be left behind?

spacerI broke a cardinal reading rule when I decided to read this…I hadn’t read in order. I have started on the second book, I’m not sure how much of an impact this had on my reading the second book first, apart from that the fact that I didn’t read first hand about exactly why Jack got expelled from college. Part of me is glad that I didn’t read that as I had a hard enough time liking Jack as it was, without seeing him being a bully first hand.

As you can tell, it took me a while to warm to Jack, in fact it wasn’t really till the end that I started to like him, and even then…he always seemed so self involved, I found it hard to connect with him. I preferred Miguel, he was a nurturer, the complete opposite of Jack, and was always taking care of people around him, I spent most of the book feeling like he was too good for Jack. My distaste for Jack effected this read for me, although his childhood wasn’t great and I did feel sympathy for him, that didn’t stop me from disliking him. However, one thing I couldn’t argue with, was the Jack and Miguel definitely had chemistry, the sexual tension between them was built up nicely and in that way they were the perfect fit.

I’m not sure I would continue reading this series, as although there were some aspects I did like, I had a lot of trouble investing into the romance.



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  1. Thanks for the review, I’m having a hard time with books this year being MEH as well. I’ve started 3 books already and stopped because I just couldn’t get into them.